“Cause Music Speaks What Cannot Be Expressed, Soothes the Mind and Gives It Rest, Heals the Heart and Makes it Whole, Flows from Heaven to the Soul.”


Crash Zone Entertainment is dedicated to Cause Music our artist and management style are focused on true artistic freedom with an emphasis on live music, concerts, and touring. The Crashers are ready to be the featured or opening act for your college tour or at your on campus concerts, festival or event.

Where Cause Music Lives

Crash Zone was founded in 2009, after 30 years of working in the music industry Antonio Boyd created Crash Zone Entertainment to give artist a venue to stay true to their vision while supporting a strong commitment to live music, concerts, promotions and events. Our artists perform all genre of music from R&B to Rock, from Rap to Jazz and from Neo Soul to Gospel.

Puts the Art back in the Artist

Crash Zone artist love and respect the art of real live performance. Live performance is a true test of artist ability. Crash Zone artist past the test with flying colors because of the many venues and different capacity crowds they perform in front of each year. We focus on the highest sound quality and each show is performed with a raw energy that is sure to command the audience’s attention and truly entertain. Our artist all come from strong music background and are all professionally trained.  Our production team is of the highest quality. We believe in setting our artist up to win by providing the best venue for their artistic expression. It is all about bringing the spirit of the music through. At Crash Zone we pay strict attention to getting this part of the music right! We put the Art back in the Artist!

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