Tiffany J

Tiffany J

Vice President, Artist & Repertoire

As a creative thinker with a fascination for the music industry and solid ability to bring new musical ideas to the table, Tiffany J is Crash Zone's go-to asset for developing up and coming artists. Tiffany J is an entertainment manager and business consultant with expertise in creative content, project management, and overseeing the artistic development of artists and songwriters. Her passion and love for music began at an early age with playing the violin and writing songs. It was this background in music that also helped give her an edge in scouting talent and knowing what to look for musically when working with producers and songwriters. Tiffany J has managed and worked with many different types of artists, producers, and songwriters across all genres giving her experience with brand marketing, creative content, and even procuring new business opportunities.

She also has a big heart for giving back. As the founder of "Dream Big Teen Summit," she hopes to inspire younger generations to dream big, work hard, and believe.

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