Deb Moss

Deb Moss

Vice President, Cause Marketing

Deb Moss is a dynamic and powerful mentor, speaker, leader, marketer, entrepreneur and event planner focused on educating, equipping, and empowering young people across the nation. At Crash Zone Deb brings her years of experience in marketing, event planning and community service to her role as Vice President of Cause Marketing. Deb is the liaison between our artist, corporate partners and the charitable causes we support.

Deb founded the “Your Life by Design Project” a program whose mission is to inspire, empower and motivate young women as they transition from high school to college and from college to career. Deb also founded “The Deb Moss Project” which provides monthly care packages to students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities whose parents are unable to assist them while they are pursuing their education. Deb takes her responsibility as a role model and leader very seriously. She uses her talents, abilities, and gifts to help those around her to create and leave a legacy that is uniquely their own.

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