About Isatta Sheriff

"With the changing landscape of music, the prominence of voices from the disenfranchised has become a lot more audible, none more so than Isatta Sheriff an MC, a rapper and songwriter who began in an era where pirate and unlicensed radio stations were the only place you could be heard. With time and growth, she has developed from a firebrand to an eloquent voice of not only the city (London) but also of a generation. With work ranging from features for Flying Lotus, Oddisee, Rashad Ringo Smith, Arrested Development to Wretch 32, Saul Williams and Terri Walker, she consistently showcases a blend of lyricism, consciousness and sound production. Radio play (including Chuck D on PEPR radio), streaming and live performances have all served as a platform much deserved and worked for. Along with all this, there is a new album, a new moniker and a new sound, so allow her to reintroduce herself..... " - The Source Magazine

Website: http://isattasheriff.com/

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