About Jerome "JC" Collins

Jerome "JC" Collins is an inspirational artist who makes positive, uplifting music that celebrates life. His roots in Neo-Soul, Jazz, R&B, and Gospel are reflected in his writing and singing style. Molded by the streets of Chicago, where he was raised, JC discovered his love for music in High School. It wasn't until he first started writing poetry that he realized the gift of words.

"It was the death of Tupac that led me to really examine music composition, I would literally write all the words to some of his most popular songs and the time and that's how I initially learned song structure" - JC

Joined by a cast of aspiring writers and musicians, It would take many years of writing, rehearsing, performing in talent shows across Chicago, collaborating with other artists and producers, and perseverance before JC would find his voice. The death of his father in 2003 was a life changing point for JC, after Jerome Sr. passed, he spent three years searching for his purpose in life. That purpose was found in 2006 when he met a mentor who would change the trajectory of his life forever, it was then that JC began his spiritual journey (Second Life). Baptised on August 17, 2006, he began a symbolic "Second Life" that would set the course for a shift in his music and tone.

Inspired to collaborate with other musicians, JC and Rick Heath began working together in the spring of 2007. It was their mutual love for inspirational music and the desire to make new music that drove the two to collaborate on a series of songs.

"When we first started working together, Rick and I, we both had songs that weren't completed, I'd have lyrics and melodies and no music, and he'd have music and melodies with no words", It was a perfect coming together of sorts.

"What started out as a few collaboration sessions eventually turned into Jam sessions with other musicians, when we first started, we had no idea what it would eventually become."

In the summer of 2009, the effort of JC and Rick Heath to collaborate turned into a drive to create an album project. It was then that the partnership with AL "PA" WIlliams was formed to come on board as the album's main producer. The effort started slow, but within a few months, most of the jam sessions were done and pre-production had started on the album's first two songs "I Know You" and "Blind Man See" Both songs would set the tone of the entire album project and have become songs that define the style and poise of JC. Here we are seven years later with his Freshman album debut. Its clear that overnight isn't as quick as we all would hope, but its a testament to the power of collaboration and perseverance.

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